1. What do you usually eat for breakfast?
Regurgitated Sanskaar
Basil zucchini bread
The hopes and dreams of your sister-in-law
Amnesia pills
2. What do you usually do at a high stakes board meeting?
Nod heavily in concurrence every five minutes
Slow clap at the end
Type fervently on a keyboard and the lean back and smile
Enough business talk. I’ve brought ladoos for everyone.
3. Your spirit animal is..
A sheep
A Boa constrictor
A chameleon
A sloth bear
4. What’s your favourite weekend pastime?
Stroking the maala.
It’s World of Warcraft for me aka family brunch
Shake your head disapprovingly while reading the newspaper in a corner
Weekends are for prayers and self-pity
5. You’d break the 4th wall when..
Operating a bulldozer
Your therapist nods off
Youthinks a cupid you shall play
God’s watching
6. A party trick to you is
Blending with the curtains
Reading lips from across the hall
I don’t go to parties
Withholding flatulence
Which Hindi Soap Opera Cliche Are You
You are: Baa
You are the all-knowing, all-seeing matriarch who’s written the joint family rulebook the rest of these kids play by. You quite literally have the blood of your ancestors flowing through you since feeding off their lifeforce kept you going long after the decline of the Roman Empire.You are your family’s rock. Not only because of your unshakeable wisdom and conviction but because you are the closest thing to an inanimate object your family has (Not counting the long dead and stuffed, cap wearing pomeranian on the mantelpiece). May your tribe increase.
Which Hindi Soap Opera Cliche Are You
You are: Tulsi
You are everyone’s centre of attention, and the vessel which carries the hopes of your family. Surrounding yourself with family members as volatile as weapons grade uranium has made you something of an HR wunderkind. You can switch between tears and smiles with schizophrenic ease and have spent hours using both emotional states to your absolute advantage. Your people pleasing ways make you a bit of a wall-flower and a dry-day for you is one where you have to apply mascara once. Have a drink or two will you? It’s on us.
Which Hindi Soap Opera Cliche Are You
You are: The mum-in-law
You like being the centre of attention and being lowered in any social hierarchy triggers the she-devil in you. From evil-eyes to private eyes, you’ll go to any length to depose your arch-nemesis.
Which Hindi Soap Opera Cliche Are You
You are: The patriarch
Nobody gives a rat’s backside about what you think. You are a narrative tool, meant to be toyed with only when the viewership starts to dwindle. Although you’ve laid the foundation stone of this family, you’re pretty much second string these days. When not reading the paper, or attending vague, open-ended board meetings, you can be found lamenting your family’s latest moral dilemma or hanging on the wall wearing a garland.