1. Would you rather…
Have a hot night with an ex?
Have a sleepover with your best friend’s hot girlfriend?
2. A really hot girl eyes you at the club while you are dancing with your girl. You…
Signal her to follow you to the restrooms?
Figure a way out to get her number? For future purposes.
3. Your girlfriend says that she needs a break from you. You…
Call up your old fuck buddies?
Stick to your high school magazines and DVDs. She will come back.
4. How do you choose to spice things up in the bedroom?
Propose a threesome.
Toys. And whipped cream. And edible underwear.
5. She is not in town and you just got invited to a friend’s bachelor party. You…
Take off your wedding ring for the night. What happens in Goa stays in Goa.
Get smashed and wake up the next day with no memory of the party.
6. At your girlfriend’s birthday dinner, her BFF starts footsing you under the table. You…
Footsie back. And let her count the pennies in your pocket.
Give her a call the next time your girlfriend leaves town for a work trip.
7. Your secretary has been dropping major hints since last week…
Ask her to stay back after work to help you out with a “presentation”.
Bring your girlfriend along with you for the office brunch next Sunday.
8. Would you rather…
Go to Paris with your special someone?
Road trip to Las Vegas with the guys?
How unfaithful are you?
You are: Alok Nath
Infidelity? What infidelity? You are the epitome of values and principles. Sex is for animals. When your significant other walks in, you are generally waiting for her with an aarti ki thaali. Oh, you are sanskari as hell, bee tee dubs.
How unfaithful are you?
You are: Ross Geller
Yeah, you make mistakes sometimes but basically you are a nice guy. And you love your special someone. Until, you see that girl from the xerox place with the belly button...
How unfaithful are you?
You are: Don Draper
Should we just say 'wham bam thank you Hamm' and let it be? Get tested, man. God only knows what you are carrying in your lands down under.