Sharan Sanil

The Fast and The Fashionable

From star drivers’ personal style statements to a long history with high couture sponsors, F1 and the world of fashion…

3 weeks ago

Savouring A Slice Of India’s Rich Crate-Digging Culture With Nishant Mittal

Chronicling his love story with over five decades of esoteric Indian music, New Delhi’s Nishant Mittal spills on his triumphs…

4 weeks ago

Scottish Comedian Daniel Sloss Set To Visit India This March — Tickets Sell Out In Ten Minutes

Sloss was a massive hit instantly, selling out shows across Indian metros

4 weeks ago

The Best of LVMH Watch Week

2023’s first watch show was held in Singapore last month featuring spectacular new creations from brands that are part of…

1 month ago

Lollapalooza India 2023: Four Big Reasons To Stay Hyped This Week

Lollapalooza's India debut is nearly here, and we couldn't be more excited

2 months ago

The Man Behind Mclaren: On India’s Deepening Tryst With Supercars

We speak to Infinity Cars’ Lalit Choudhary on bringing the legendary British marque to India, and the state of supercar…

2 months ago

Ranking India’s Best Bars

Vikram Achanta, founder and CEO of Tulleeho, has been a leading provider of beverage education and training to the hospitality…

3 months ago

The MCU Report Card: Every 2022 Marvel Release, Ranked

Did you know that the MCU has been around for fourteen years now?

3 months ago

Inside The Rs 20 Lakh Presidential Suite Of The Maharajas’ Express

Here's what you get for Rs 20 lakh for a six-night journey

3 months ago

‘Drake’s Curse’ Looms Large With The Rapper Placing A Bet On Argentina’s World Cup Finale Win

After Conor McGregor, Charles LeClerc and Sergio Busquets, Lionel Messi faces off against Drake's disturbing predictions

3 months ago

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ Teases A Costly, If Captivating New Horizon For James Cameron

Warning: Spoilers Included | Visual spectacle, big production value, and titanic levels of worldbuilding — will James Cameron’s latest creation…

3 months ago