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Actor Sidharth Malhotra talks about his personal style, favourite brands, his fashion icons, and more. 


  • This summer, I don’t think I’ll be staying constant to any colour or fits. What will definitely be my go-to thing will be a linen shirt.


  • I like to wear comfortable denims and chinos in summer, and shorts if I’m on a beach. As for footwear, I’m comfortable in anything that is light and that I can slip-on without much effort.


  • My wardrobe has a wide variety of clothes. In Delhi, which has extreme weather, we used to be lucky and changed clothes frequently. That’s why I also have a lot of jackets, which unfortunately I can now wear only when I’m travelling.


  • I also own a lot of de-stress stuff — T-shirts that are easy to put on, denims that are torn and jackets that have patches to make things a little more funky as well as grungy.


  • The basics that you need to have in your wardrobe are a nice pair of formal shoes and denims that fit you really well.


  • Wearing oversized (or anti fit) clothes is actually a new thing these days, globally. And the best part is that you don’t need to buy a brand that makes anti-fit clothing; you can just get a slightly bigger size. I personally like it because you can move around in it comfortably.


  • In India, the list of my biggest fashion icons begins with Mr Amitabh Bachchan. We’ve been seeing him in overcoats, boots and suits for years and he has carried them with real class. Next would be Saif Ali Khan. Hrithik Roshan is dressed really well in the movies.


  • Internationally, I loved the sort of clothes that Brad Pitt wore in Ocean’s Eleven. I also loved how Ryan Gosling complemented the theme of La La Land with his chic suits.


  • If you’re taking a woman on a date to a fine dining restaurant, wear a great jacket, definitely not a suit. Pair it with nice pants and a shirt or a round neck on the inside. And if it’s a movie date, wear something casual — maybe chinos and a light T-shirt.


  • My advice is go out there and get whatever is in your budget. That’s where brands like Benetton come in handy, because they’re affordable and you can make 50 different looks with their clothes. Be individual, and don’t try too hard to emulate someone.
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