There are many positives to living in a digital world, but one of the best positive is that it gives all artists a platform to express their creativity. One community that’s benefitted a lot is that of comic artists. Now, there are several popular web comics that have a loyal band of readers. And we’re handpicking the best of them for you.



The artist uses only stick figures in this comic. 

Cyanide & Happinesscyanide and happiness

A hugely successful comic, Cyanide and Happiness is perfect for those with a liking for dark humor. 

Crocodile in water, tiger on land

crocodile in water

This comic strip’s success led to book deal with Haper Collins. 


diesel sweeties

What makes this comic special is that all the characters are pixelated. 

Adarsh Balak

adarsh balak

We are sure someone’s getting really stoned while making these.