We know how disheartened Arijit Singh’s fans must have been after he hinted about his retirement in an interview to a leading daily. For all those who don’t know, Arijit Singh, despite being Bollywood’s top singer, has made a shocking confession about the entertainment industry. According to him, singers usually have a shelf life of about 5-6 years and he states, “I don’t think I have a long way to go. This might be my last year”.

We’re hoping Arijit changes his mind because we think he is a brilliant singer and has a lot of untapped potential that needs to be fully explored in Bollywood. And so we made a list of people who should plan their retirement instead of the mellifluous crooner. Take a look.

Salman Khan


Among the three Khans, we definitely think Salman should be the first one to retire since he plays nothing but himself on screen. The thought of watching him play ‘himself’ for another decade doesn’t seem too exciting an idea, does it?



If you wish to read vile comments and reviews about women, films, and life in general, all you’ve got to do is to follow KRK on Twitter, who is also a self-proclaimed film critic. No, we definitely don’t encourage that; all we ever wish from the bottom of our hearts is that he forgets his Twitter password someday. 

Kapil Sharma


Sadly, Kapil Sharma has been reigning on television screens by cracking sexist jokes and inducing humour with cross-dressed men in his show. Don’t you think he should consider retiring now?

Rakhi Sawant


Landing herself in hot soup (a court petition, to be precise) after wearing a controversial dress with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s image in it, Rakhi Sawant surely needs to lay low and maybe, retire.

Arjun Kapoor


If Arjun Kapoor maintains that blank look in all his films and delivers dialogues with the same non-intensity that he does mostly, then maybe, he chose the wrong field. What do you think?