Pantone has announced unlimited free access to their Pantone Connect until July 1 for working from home creatives. The move will help designers and creatives who are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic and will allow them to “adjust to new working conditions and change in demand”.

Pantone Connect is a tool on Adobe Creative Cloud that gives creatives direct access to the most up-to-date Pantone colours  and allows the users to efficiently filter through vast catalog of palettes, cross-reference between different color-code systems and easily convert RGB, Hex and CMYK values to the nearest palettes.


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In addition, creatives can capture inspiration at its source and easily build palettes of Pantone colours to save and store, share with extension users, and re-use across Adobe Creative Cloud in a real-time basis. It means that fashion designers can build their upcoming collections, communicate and share with colleagues working from home, till the final production.

“Adversity often inspires the greatest creativity,” Pantone said on its social media channels. “We look forward to seeing what you create during this unconventional time #PantoneAnywhere.”

Since the pandemic, many brands have been making the software and online classes accessible to the general public to make their quarantine time easier like Apple starting off with  90 day free trial of Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X, Adobe giving free access to Photoshop and InDesign for high school students and Nike offering free online classes for a month.