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5 Indian Novels That Should Be Made Into Films

If only the producers took our advice.

With the posters of Shraddha Kapoor starrer Half Girlfriend dominating our newsfeed, we can’t help but rant about why such half-baked books get made into films. Not like there is any shortage of good novels from Indian writers. Instead of making Chetan Bhagat books into films, it’ll be great if our filmmakers and producers decided to adapt these stories instead.

The Bachelor Of Arts By RK Narayan

RK Narayan’s second book that was heavily semi-autobographical, The Bachelor Of Arts is a novel every young man will relate with even now. It’ll make for a great film, and the producers don’t need to spend too much either.

Arzee The Dwarf By Chandrahas Choudhury

One of my favorite novels, Arzee The Dwarf is about a man who is short when it comes to height, but has really tall dreams. The book is high on emotions, and gives us a glimpse into the life of a dwarf – something our audiences haven’t experienced before.

The Golden Gate By Vikram Seth

A novel in verse, The Golden Gate by Vikram Seth will make for a great musical. It is a work of genius and can be a great hit with the NRI audiences as they’ll connect with it for sure. It also has scope for several characters, as it is about love and complex relationships.

The 6 PM Slot By Naomi Datta

Who said chick-lit novels cannot be good? We read The 6 PM Slot by Naomi Datta and had an absolute blast. It reveals the dark politics that take place behind the scenes of your favorite television shows, and comes straight from the heart of an author who has had first-hand experience of broadcast media.

The Painter Of Signs By RK Narayan

Since he is my favorite writer, I want to see two films based on his novels. We’ve already seen Dev Anand’s The Guide which was a huge success. So, why doesn’t someone convert The Painter Of Signs into a movie too. Again, it can be made on a low budget with fine actors and we’re sure it will delight lovers of meaningful cinema.