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Kochi has never looked prettier than it does in EP Unny’s new travel book

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KochiAs the long time chief political cartoonist of the Indian Express,  E P Unny is among the best  in the business . The acerbic tone and wry humour of his cartoons have always been  in the vein of his illustrious  predecessor, Abu Abraham, rather than the gentle digs of their contemporary R K Laxman. Unny brings to bear the same  acerbic  tone  with great results in his brilliant new  travel book, Santa and the Scribes: The Making of Fort Kochi (Niyogi Books).

Book-CoverPart history, part travelogue, part urban commentary on Kerala’s most famous city, Unny uses his  preternatural wit and mastery over  both drawing and writing to create a graphic story book that is informative, instructive and fun to read, not just for the potential  visitor and the armchair traveler but also for the fans of  the graphic novel. Kochi’s famously iridescent history (involving the Arabs, Portuguese,  Dutch and the British) and its modern day cosmopolitanism, urban oddities, the gentle quirks of its various communities, its historical landmarks — all come alive as never before with the very distinctive Unny treatment. This book is a better guide to Kochi than anything you may have read so far.

All illustrations excerpted with permission from Santa and the Scribes: The Making of Fort Kochi (Niyogi Books)