After his highly successful debut novel, The BNO, Sex, Life & Hookah, prolific author Manoj Jain is back with his second book, The Total Holistic Centre. The new book deals with issues such as depression, addiction and physical ailments of the three principal characters who visit a health farm called The Total Holistic Centre, in search of a cure and eventually strike an unlikely friendship.

Samar is seeking a cure for impotence while Sanjaneka is suffering from arthritic osteoporosis and Varun is a depression patient who is also insomniac. Together, the trio help each other heal and also learn the fact that physical ailments are, very often, a by-product of a deeper psychological trauma. They realize that in order to cure themselves, they must close the doors of the past and open new ones for the future.

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In The Total Holistic Centre, author Manoj Jain explores the mindset of people and focuses on everyday life. With a positive approach, the book aims to prove that every problem has a solution (however unusual) and all the answers can be found within oneself. One of the finest aspects of the book is the author’s keen sense of observation and an optimistic approach to life, which the readers will definitely appreciate. So go ahead, buy the book and discover newer ways to heal.

Manoj Jain, an alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad, is a keen student of psychology who also runs a highly successful business.