?????????Who are we kidding? There are too many matches to watch this month during office hours. And anyway, it is definitely more fun to camp on the couch with friends in front of the TV, cheering your team, than sneak peeks into live streaming websites in your cubicle. So, we bring you the best excuses (tried and tested) that will help you bunk work and binge-watch matches.

Quick Tip: Remember Phoebe’s guide to lying well? Practice those tricks. Also, don’t be a Joey and drag a raccoon into every lie.

“I have three client meetings lined up for the day”
Why three? Well, one before lunch, one after and another in the evening. Day well covered. This excuse is iron-clad and no one can question it. Warning: Remember to not discuss the matches at work the next day. Also, make sure you actually schedule meetings with the clients you mention.

“A close relative passed away early morning”
The exact time of the demise of this fictional relative is crucial. The person is evidently not too close to you, and hence, cannot pass away the previous night (you need a whole day to mourn for someone whom you are distantly related to?). And knowing India, everyone knows what a hassle early hours are. Just don’t get too excited at work for the next two days.

“My doctor confirmed an appointment”
Best excuse ever. No questions asked. Look considerably ill for a day or two. Call us for ‘how to be really ill really well’ acting classes. And please, get something more grave than the common cold.

Or any infectious (and disgusting) eye disease. This also gives you the opportunity to wear shades to work the day (or two) after, to hide the hangover from the celebratory drink (or two) the previous night.

“I have my divorce hearing today”
Only for the married ones. Another classic. P.S. – Keep your partner in the loop before the next office party. Hopefully, an actual divorce hearing will not be involved after that.

“Stomach ache/Food poisoning”
Only happens in India.