Dating the dragon lady?

What happens when cupid and kink strikes in the workplace – with your boss?

After helping you guys out with innovative – and fail proof – excuses to skip work during this World Cup season, we’re back to guide you through another tricky workplace situation. How do you handle a risqué affair with your boss? How do you keep it hush-hush? Or, introduce her to your friends? How do you explain the candle light dinner when you two bump into a colleague? We give you five rules to follow that will make the situation less murky and complicated. Also, play safe.

Hi-Res-BR4EJW-AlamyStay professional – This is an age-old advice which most people tend to forget. Personal and professional lives don’t mix well. Especially when you are doing the dirty with your boss herself. Talk it out always. Do not carry a fight to work. Also, while she might bow to your wishes in bed, she’s the boss (literally) at work. So keep your ego in your pants.

Kick the Kink out – It is really hot to get dirty in the office, now isn’t it? The excitement that you might just get caught? Remember Bridget Jones’ Diary? Well, that’s a movie. Your life isn’t. You not only have your reputation at stake but also risk losing your job if you get caught. Conference room, water cooler, printing desk – everything is OFF LIMITS.

Don’t Brag – This is important – though really hard to practice. You are bumping the uglies with your really hot boss lady – your colleagues do not need to know about that. Apart from the fact that it is unethical to date at your workplace, this might also lead to unnecessary gossip. She is not your fourth grader girlfriend that you want to tell your classmates about.

Rivalry and jealousy – Don’t let competition ruin the relationship. If she is handing bigger responsibilities to a co worker, take it in your stride and wait till you get an opportunity to prove your worth. This has nothing to do with your fight last night and definitely shouldn’t turn into a fight later.

When it’s over – This is the most difficult part. Once you both decide to end it, remember not to carry the heart ache to work. Lay down the rules beforehand. Discuss early in a relationship about drawing lines when you decide to end it and/or if your secret is out in the open.