The verdict’s out, and here’s what was so far unsaid about men’s body hair. Philips India’s annual Stylescape Survey, conducted by IPSOS, reveals that a lot more men are open to body grooming these days. And this may have something to do with the 65% of women who admitted that they prefer well-groomed men, and that this factor is important when it comes to them picking a spouse or partner.

Here are some more kooky findings from the study:

  • 60% of men have been in embarrassing situations due to excessive body hair.
  • 41% of men opt for hair removing creams meant for women
  • 50% of women pick up men’s magazines for information on male body grooming
  • If their partner has chest hair showing from under his V-neck tee, 32% women would refuse to step out of the house
  • 65% of women say body hair impacts their decision when it comes to picking a partner or spouse – hair in the armpits and intimate areas being their primary concern
  • 70% men do want to know about the best ways to get rid of body hair – but only for the sake of intimacy


*For the survey, IPSOS interviewed 450 males and 350 females in the age group 25-30 years, in key metros