The second edition of Bombay Local, the food festival organised by Small Fry Co. at Khar Gymkhana, organized last weekend, offered a blend of fashion, food and lifestyle. Apart from almost 60 food and beverage stalls, the enthusiastic crowd enjoyed live music and comedy performances and pop-up studios by leading fashion designers. After a wonderful evening, here’s what we loved:

Dal Pakwan from Flavors of Sindh
We opted for this traditional Sindhi breakfast option of crisp fried Indian breads served with mildly sweet dal makhni. Home chefs Renu and Varsha Chhabria are known for their homemade Sindhi offerings with a contemporary twist.

Mutton Kheema Samosas from The Bohri Kitchen
Mutton kheema samosas and jeera rice topped with kaju chicken and egg slices – now if that is not downright Bohri royalty, we don’t know what is. This experimental Bohri home dining concept is becoming pretty well known in the Mumbai food circuit.

Bheja cutlets and Pakki-Keri-Ma-Gos from Katy’s Kitchen
The intriguing mutton and mango preparation (Pakki-Keri-Ma-Gos) had us from the word go. The sweet and tanginess of the ripe mangoes blended really well with the succulent mutton, while the bheja cutlets were soft as cheese.

Nutella Crunch Soil from Fat is Flavour
What can be more sinful than three layers of Nutella Hazelnut spread, peanut butter and edible chocolate ‘soil’? Packed in small matkas, it is the brainchild of chef Pratik Kuckreja, of Le Cordon Bleu. Fat is Flavour also has chocolate fudge soil, Davidoff coffee soil and double chocolate brownie soil.

Bloody Peru bar from Good Juicery
A saviour in these humid evenings, this refreshing drink was a heady combination of sparkling guava juice with a drop of Bhut Jalokia (world’s hottest pepper) sauce by Pico. The zing from the spice kept us going. For the uninitiated, Pune-based Good Juicery is a boutique beverage company which prepares a variety of sparkling fruit juices that contain no preservatives.