Every year, it rains in Mumbai and every year, without fail, the streets of Mumbai flood. Residents of this ‘maximum city’ have to deal with wading through waist-deep water and outrageous fares on apps like Ola and Uber – that is if they do manage to score a ride in the first place. Every year, the government agencies pass the buck and indulge in the blame game while netizens share pictures of the Mumbai police on social media with various variations of ‘Mumbai meri jaan’ in their captions. Not to mention, there are multiple articles post the deluge about the famous ‘spirit of Mumbai’ which is apparently indomitable and unbeatable.

Oh, and if you’re a regular on Twitter, you would have also realised that the hashtag #MumbaiRains will trend on the top spot even if all that’s falling in the city is people’s expectation from the BMC. It doesn’t matter if Bengaluru is in a rain-induced crisis or if Kolkatans haven’t seen the streets in days – following the slightest drizzle, #MumbaiRains will trend. In honour (?) of this annual moment in a Mumbaikars life, here are the most hilarious tweets on Mumbai rains.

  1. This couple that took #Yolo to another level altogether:


      2. This lady who decided to lend her support to Mumbaikars and was equally fed up of the BMC’s bullshit:



3. This Marvel fan who saw the opportunity and took it:


4. Gasp, this hits us right in the feels:



5. Thanks, BMC:



6. Everybody go home, this tweet just won Twitter:



It would appear that while the Mumbai rains damage a lot of things in the city, the only thing it cannot dampen is the city’s humour.

(Header picture credits: @nimsaw on Twitter)