The recent string of tweets from Bollywood prove that the film fraternity is nothing if not loyal. Illogical, emotional and perhaps ignorant of judicial procedure, but ultimately full of goodwill and hope. Here’s what some of Bollywood’s most prominent stars had to say about their embattled ‘Bhai’

While most of Bollywood extolled Salman’s humantarian attributes, they steered clear of commenting about the fairness of the verdict itself, lest they be found guilty of being in contempt of court. That’s when you can count on supporters of a more extreme nature.

Indeed they are. Pavements however….

Says an enraged (and possibly inebriated) Abhijeet who had only moments ago stated that roads are for dogs. He wasn’t done however.

Exactly! Wait..what? They were just going about the business of being human and getting some shut eye, until one of them ceased to be.

He wasn’t the only one erring on the side of senselessness. Designer Farah Khan had a bone to pick with the govt.

Yes perhaps Karl Benz – the inventor of the automobile is equally guilty. Also let’s blame the atmosphere for fermenting vegetables and giving us alcohol.

If the train driver blindfolded himself and the train derailed itself, and hit a flock of sheep, then yes, your analogy is airtight.