What: Deconstructed Jalebi Kulfi

Where: Masala Library

Why we love it: It’s a deep fried orange jalebi that has been deconstructed to resemble caviar and floats on a rich, creamy kulfi base generously sprinkled with pistachios. Also, topped with saffron foam, the modern, molecular look of the desert is a startling new way of presenting a common Indian sweet dish.

Vanilla panna cotta

What: Basil Pana cotta with Strawberry Coulis

Where: Cheval

Why we love it: Cheval’s basil vanilla pana cotta, a light refreshing dessert, paired with a tangy strawberry coulis to balance out the sweetness of the custard is perfect for those who crave for non-chocolate and guilt-free desserts.

Espresso Croquant, Strawberries and Sour Cream, Salted Caramel

What: Alphon so crazy, Caramel-A-Salt and Dark side of Ginger ice creams

Where: Sucre Des Terres

Why we love it: Sucre Des Terres serves a range of hand-mixed, hand-packed ice-creams. The Alphon so crazy reminded us of the traditional hand churned mango ice-creams India has been famous for. With chunks of sweet alphonso combined with a creamy textured ice-cream – this is a lethal combination for mango lovers. The dark side of ginger is essentially a dark chocolate ice-cream with subtle hints of ginger. But the winner definitely is their salted caramel flavour which is probably the smoothest and creamiest ice cream this city has to offer.

bombay canteen

What: Gulab Nut and Coffee Rasgulla

Where: The Bombay Canteen

Why we love it: Bombay Canteen serves an interesting version of the humble gulab jamun – The Gulab Nut – a doughnut-shaped gulab jamun soaked in Old Monk and lathered with pista cream. And, if you are as debauched as we are, ask your waiter to serves it with a dollop of the salted caramel ice-cream topped with peanut chikki that generally comes with the coffee rasgulla. It tastes much better when paired with the gulab nut. And if you are thinking what I am thinking, order the salted caramel ice cream from Sucre Des Terres. If that is not the recipe for instant foodgasm, I don’t know what is.

sassy spoon 2

What: Summer special ice-creams

Where: The Sassy Spoon

Why we love it: Head to Sassy Spoon and try their unique ice cream flavours like red velvet and guava chilli sorbet especially crafted to fight the summer heat wave. They also serve sugar free specials like the strawberry and balsamic ice cream with strawberry compote and a house special bitter chocolate.