Noori is a new musical instrument belonging to the family of lute instruments ( guitars, rabab, oud, sarod) wherein all three kinds of schools of music are playable, namely Indian classical, Western music, and Arabic Music. One can play chords like that in guitar and shrutis/microtones of Indian classical music and Arabic music.

This new instrument is the creation of Mumbai musician Kavish Seth who has successfully patented the new instrument. The patent was issued by the Government of India’s Intellectual Property India, Indian Patent Advanced Search Systems.

“The event that triggered the making of Noori instrument was when I was singing in the Jagriti Yatra (entrepreneurship train journey) with some friends while passing through Gorakhpur, and an uncle who was passing by made a remark ‘ kuch indian bajao apna bajao’. That remark got registered at a deep level, as I did recall foreigners asking for Indian music as the one being played on sarod, sitar, tabla, and not on guitars,” he says.

“As I started to collaborate in Zubaan music project with Indian classical artistes and got exposed to Arabic music, the idea of Noori started to evolve. The vision of Noori is to bring the music and musicians across the world closer, as any artist from any school of music can play their music on Noori and collaborate with the artiste of different school of music. The guitar doesn’t sit well with sarod, sitar as it doesn’t play microtones/shrutis, and one cant play chords on sarod. On Noori, one can do all,” he adds.