Chetan Bhagat might be one of the most hated celebs in the country but to his credit, he’s also earned a fair share of fans. And why not, he got India hooked on to reading, notwithstanding the ‘not-so-literary’ content of his novels.

So if your friends make fun of you for being one of the nine million-plus followers of the Half Girlfriend author on Twitter, here’s why you shouldn’t let that affect you ahead of the next movie based on his work.


He writes novellas that appeal to the larger section of the society, unlike someone like a Salman Rushdie who would weave magical thoughts about a goat flying through the seven heavens.


Hardly would any engineering/management student touch the works of the authors from the ilk of Haruki Murakami. But Bhagat wrote about this very crowd and earned a sizable fan following in these quarters.


While the George Orwells and the Gabriel Garcia Marquezs of the world requir a certain set of prerequisites for reading their books, you can come with a clean slate and still immerse into CB’s writings.


While it is a tricky task to make movies based on the most celebrated works of writing across the globe, the Arjun Kapoor-starrer flick the fourth movie to be made from CB’s pen. Masala enough!