Gucci has teamed up with The Sex Ed podcast’s Season 3, which will feature Alessandro Michele as a special guest for an exclusive episode. The Sex Ed podcast is born with a mission to inspire conversations around sexual wellness and explore the ways sexuality is experienced and expressed.

MIchele talked to Liz Goldwyn, the podcast host and founder of The Sex Ed, in an interview recorded in the Gucci Hub in Milan after the Women’s Fall Winter 2020 Fashion Show. In the conversation, Gucci’s creative director revealed his erotic relationship to nature, why Rome is his mistress, moving beyond confining modes of masculinity and how he channels orgasmic energy every day.

“When people ask me about sex, I usually say ‘it depends what you think about sex’. The idea of
sex is the idea of god. The idea of sex is the idea of energy, it’s the idea of being in touch with the
things that make me feel alive,” Alessandro Michele revealed.

“I am so thrilled to be partnering with Gucci for Season 3 of The Sex Ed podcast. Fashion, beauty
and sex are natural bedfellows. As Jean Cocteau once wrote, ‘human beings at their primal only
want three things: shelter, food, and sex. All this fashion has people thinking that dresses are worn
to be worn. No… the prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off.’ Alessandro Michele’s expansive
viewpoints on fashion, masculinity, orgasmic energy and the connection between sexuality and
spirituality closely mirror that of The Sex Ed,” Liz Goldwyn said.