Rahul* is a friend/sports PR professional — who’s in the process of trying to quit smoking his usual Marlboro Lights– has recently picked up an e-cigarette. A young Bollywood star kid who once forgot his vape pen in one of the jackets he modeled for a photoshoot, called the stylist Shalini* to tell her to “keep it safe because it’s his everything” until he can pick it up from her later that day.

Muhab*, an RJ in the city, has been vaping for the longest time and going by his habits, it looks like his new addiction is blowing smoke out of an electronic stick.

What is vaping even, you ask? It’s when you inhale and exhale vapour created by an electronic cigarette, one that looks real just like the real thing, except it is allegedly 95% less harmful than a Benson and Hedge. Despite the claims of the instrument, newer studies show that it doesn’t in fact reduce the risk of cancer.

Though the import, distribution and sale of electronic nicotine delivery systems is banned in a handful states in India, vaping isn’t actually illegal here. It’s a trend so popular that vape club meets have been formed in metro cities around the country for enthusiasts to have a safe space to vape because people are apparently still coming to terms with it.

A potential Vape Expo was to be inaugurated in Greater Noida this year, but authorities have refused to let them have a space as of now.

So the bigger question here is: is vaping really that cool? Even science confirms that people who actually indulge in it are doing it to be perceived as forward-thinking and ready for change. The entire concept has been rid of all the seduction of actual smoking (not that it’s recommended) and instead, you’ve got lads in a bar going, “bro, pass me the vape” every 45 seconds (yes, I counted) while they hope they can hit on some women during the night.

There’s nothing charming about vaping, it’s a fake cigarette with a butt that lights up every time you inhale from it. Plus, the satisfaction that says ” finally, I can get back on track to being smoke-free for the next 2 hours” after you stub your cigarette out is irreplaceable. And a silly trend shouldn’t take that away from you. 

*Names have been changed