This wingman swipes over 6000 profiles in an hour.

In any potential hookup situation, a wingman needs to have all the qualities of a hype guy. Introduce your friend to the girl as the greatest man you’ve ever known? Check. Say things about your buddy that are half-truths? Check. Eventually get their (real) number? Check and check.

We’re talking about 2007. But millennials now, would like deal with the can of worms we call ‘dating’ with advanced and not necessarily needed technology. To give a boost to the dating app Tinder and a boost to your dating life as well, Tinda Finger will save everyone from being never-swiped-right-on.

Tinda Finger is a dating tool that plugs into your phone’s charging port and swipe away for as long as the battery runs. The tool apparently scores a 6000 plus swipes in just under an hour. The product will be available after the company completes its Kickstarter money goal.

The plug-in tool will be available in two colours–blue and pink– if you’r feeling a bit choosy. Think this is a cause worthy of your money and love life? Back this project. Watch the video here: