The novel coronavirus has brought our lives to a standstill with China’s economy shrinking in the first quarter for the first time in decades. The total number of global cases has surpassed two million and there have been 140,000 fatalities. However, more than 540,000 patients have been reported to have recovered.

This period of lockdown is coming with its own set of millennial speak. “Quarantine and chill” is the new “Netflix and chill”.

Below, we catalogue five new terms that have cropped up online due to COVID-19.


This refers to any cocktail recipe that you dish out during this period of self-isolation and quarantine. There’s no specific recipe and you can make your cocktail with any amount of ingredients and booze you have lying around at home.


Many have taken to social media and have gone live on Instagram to play their favourite tunes or just have fun with some karaoke. Whenever your favourite artist drops new music during this period, it becomes a quarantune or when you mix old music to create something new.


This refers to teenagers who are using this period to have fun with indoor activities. This term is specifically popular on TikTok.


Know someone who doesn’t understand social distancing and regularly goes outside? That’s a covidiot. So, don’t be a covidiot and hoard essential items.


Thank God for the internet! While social gatherings are a definite no-no, people have taken to social media and the popular Zoom and House Party apps to indulge in some covideo time.