In today’s times, with the long travelling hours and extremely stressful corporate lives, we tend to ignore our kids’ happiness and often direct our frustrations at them. We think that we are helping them improve, but sometimes, it has the opposite effect on the child’s confidence that hampers his/her ability to achieve greatness. 

In his book, One Minute Super Dad: 99 Magic Moments To Raise Amazing Children, Dr Prashant Jindal, an internationally renowned eye surgeon lists down some practical tips to being a better Dad. Here are some of the ones that we like. 

Inculcate Physical Fitness/Self-Defence

“Enrol the kids in at least one form of self-defence. It is a great exercise, a confidence booster, and makes it highly unlikely that they will ever be bullied. They may, however, not want to join in the beginning. In such cases, try some one-minute silly-looking Sultan like moves or watch some inspiring movies together, such as Bhaag Milkha Bhaag or Mary Kom.”

The Art of Delayed Gratification

“Stressful lifestyles have led to a culture of ‘I want it right now’ which can be called instant gratification. My friend, Dr John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and Children Are From Heaven, told me that if a parent can teach one skill to his child, it ought to be delayed gratification.”  

Inculcate Self-Worth

“When your kids feel discouraged, tell them to look in a mirror and say, ‘I am important. I matter. I can learn and grow. I can be kind to others. I can succeed.'”

Say Sorry

“When you make a mistake, apologize, admit it and re-declare how you will try to be a better dad. Say, ‘I am sorry. I was wrong. Will you forgive me?’

Sorry is a word that can heal many hearts if it is authentic and comes from the heart.”

What To Never Say

“Most of us say nasty and hurtful things to our children when we are angry or not in the right frame of mind. Frustrations can so easily overtake us. This is unfair and harmful for our kids’ self-worth. Therefore, never say: 

  • You cannot ever do anything right.
  • Typical of you to do it wrong.
  • Let me do it, you just cannot do it right.
  • You are so dumb.
  • Why can you not learn this?
  • Why are you so useless? 
  • You are in the way.
  • Why can you not be more like?
  • Not now, I am busy.
  • Go away. “