In the public consciousness, Katrina Kaif is known for her stunning physique and good looks and not necessarily for her acting skills. Nevertheless, the fact that she has survived in the industry for as long as she has is proof of her professionalism and audience pulling power.

” I am extremely excited about playing characters that give me a chance to explore something new. I acted in Bharat and it was one of the most incredible experiences, which was so enriching, so fulfilling, and it just inspired me at various levels. That showed to me and I got that feedback from the audience. It gives me the encouragement and I strongly believe, if you follow what your instincts, it will lead you to the right place. That doesn’t mean every film you’re out there to shatter new ground but you know that that’s where my heart lies now,” Kaif had shared in an interview with us last year.

On being asked what kind of cinema she wishes to do in the future, she had said: “For me, it’s not the kind of cinema but the characters. If someone comes to me with a story about a woman who’s struggling to raise two kids and her incredible journey like the film that Charlize Theron did (Tully), I would love to do a film like that. You have a film called A Private War which is about a war journalist which came last year as well. That’s really what I’m looking for – strong, interesting characters that I can play.”

Hmm, interesting, I remember thinking.

After all, she had done a marvellous job in Rajneeti which goes to show that, given the right kind of role and access, Kaif can do much better than just being eye-candy. In fact, I also loved her in Fitoor.

However, since the interview, she hasn’t shown any ambition or interest in playing such strong roles as she had mentioned. Now, she will be seen in Sooryavanshi alongside Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh and Ajay Devgn. Rohit Shetty’s films are notorious for being testosterone fests so while we haven’t seen the film yet (duh), we can’t be sure it gives her the kind of role she wants as in Tully or A Private War.

“In the industry, you are considered a successful actress who guarantees box office numbers. Do you feel yourself receiving mainstream roles because of this reputation?” I had asked her.

“As an actor in the Industry, you are not able to dictate what we are. The audience decides that for us. So, from my perspective, I just choose from the best of what is given to me. I am not trying to follow a path or create an image, I am trying to be true to myself, my choices, and the person I am at that time. If you asked me eight years ago what appealed to me and if you bring me those choices today, my choices will be different today because we’re not the same person,” she had said.

Well, eight years later, she is still kinda-sorta playing the same kind of roles.

Will this ever change? Well, we certainly hope so.