India’s multiplex chains, audio and video streaming platforms, film studios, and general entertainment television channels allocate as much as 40% of their advertising budget to print, reports Livemint. These entertainment companies do so because they believe print ads have greater reach across geography and demography.

“We believe newspapers are among the most impactful and non-intrusive mass marketing mediums because of their extensive reach across the country,” said Prashan Agarwal, chief executive officer (CEO) of music streaming service Gaana to the newspaper.

Even OTT platforms which have saturated the Indian market use leading dailies to announce their show launches and subscription offers. In fact, while the first look and film posters of movies are released all across social media, one can also find full-page adverts of the same on the pages of all leading dailies.

According to Livemint, when Gaana, India’s leading music streaming app reached a 100 million subscribers, it saw newspapers as the primary advertising medium and while digital advertisements are all about helping users with transaction purposes, print ads help the brand to state their brand purpose and share their entire journey which, in turn, helps them with brand resonance, adaption, and durability.

“Be it new movies, show timings, or the launch of a property, we always look at advertising in leading newspapers, including those in regional languages,” said Amrita Ganguly, associate vice-president, marketing, at Carnival Cinemas to the newspaper.