Gardening grew by leaps and bounds in 2020, and there is no sign of its decline. Everyone is gardening, literally. We get some plant experts to give a lowdown on the trends you need to know


“In 2021, the planters are as important as the plants. And they must complement and flatter the plants” — Meenu Agarwal, founder and interior designer, MADS Creations


Plants and greenery have become even more important companions in these tough times. There’s something so satisfying about tending to something and watching it thrive. We foresee gardening activities in 2021 being all about adding a bit of joy to your life, whether your garden is a windowsill, or one that you can lie on the grass in.


Using planters in decor is the latest trend. People now want to include plants into their homes and in spaces where they weren’t there before, including kitchens, walls, fridges, etc. “People are also looking at quirky placements. With the new range of live plants available at your convenience, the charm of your home will shoot up drastically. With small real test tube planters on the desks and fridge magnets, you can bring home the greens you always wanted, close to your heart as well as your intimate spaces,” opines Vinayak Garg, founder of Lazy Gardener.


Meenu Agarwal, founder and interior designer, MADS Creations adds, “People are drawn to sculptural plants that add an almost architectural dimension to their gardens. Whether strikingly tall plants or those with dramatic foliage or flowers, they add a showstopper feature to your garden. Various kinds of palms, succulents, ferns, cacti, and exotic flowering plants, impart a bold look. People are going for a good mix of trees, shrubs, bushes, creepers, and climbers to create an exciting and lush green patch. In 2021, the planters are as important as the plants. And they must complement and flatter the plants. You can find many artistic planters — geometric shapes, animal shapes, vibrant colours, or monotones, or minimal designs that truly elevate the charm of your garden.”


A trend suited to sustainability. Make sure to use resources like water, optimally. Usually, early morning watering is considered good. “By mixing decorative plants with herbs, spices, and vegetables like basil, coriander, lemongrass, chillies, tomatoes, etc., you can ensure that you are also gaining from your garden. Invest in medicinal or air-purifying plants to achieve a positive outcome from your garden. Also, depending on how much time you can devote to your garden, decide whether you want to have plants that are high or low maintenance,” Agarwal adds.


Agarwal suggests, “By creating a colour palette or material palette that takes into consideration the presence of plants, you can create a home that is compatible with the garden. Let the natural feeling extend into your home by bringing in some indoor plants. Not only do they act as accessories, but they can also improve the indoor air quality, and inject freshness and positivity.”


“Hanging planters occupy less space and look super pretty. You can make your own bottle planter for water propagations with scrap glass / plastic bottles and twine. Using planters in decor is the latest trend. You can use fruit crates as planters, and hide your old pots,” recommends Garg. 


“Nowadays, you get beautiful planters in gold, copper, cement, beaten metal, cane etc. Just choosing a beautiful planter that goes with the rest of the space adds so much detail. Follow a muted colour scheme, and use materials that are earthy and blend with the outside than stark materials that stand out too much,” opines Khushi Todi, founder & interior designer , Cane Boutique. 


Local nurseries are the best place to buy your plants from as they offer local plants that thrive in the given climate. It is also a sustainable option. Most nurseries also showcase garden accessories, or you could pick them up from your neighbourhood stores or online, says Agarwal. Garg says, “Choose plants that are cheap, easy to care for, and grow rapidly. Wandering jew, purple hearts, turtle vine money plant, syngonium, all of these are easy to care for. They love bright light, and grow rapidly in hanging planters.”