Defending Jacob is Apple TV’s most compelling crime thriller yet. The limited series is based on the William Landay novel of the same name, and follows an American district attorney, played by Chris Evans, who investigates the murder of a young boy after his son was accused of being the murderer.


Acclaimed film-maker M. Night Shyamalan makes his glorious return and his streaming debut with Servant. This show is about a couple who hire a nanny to look after their baby, and things slowly start to take a darker turn. As it is with any Shyamalan production, you can expect some keep-you-on-your-toes moments and unexpected plot twists that make you jump out of your seat.


No one does animation better than Disney. Short Circuit is a compilation of 14 unique animated short stories. Each episode is different from the other and boasts of a variety of animation styles. Short Circuit has some emotional and feel-good stories brought to life by some of Disney’s best animators.


Disney has mastered the art of bringing its characters to life at Disneylands across the globe. They call it ‘imagineering’, and the story of how they do it has always remained a mystery, until now. The Imagineering Story takes us behind the scenes of some of Disney’s most impressive attractions and shows us the ‘imagineering’ that went into it.


This one is for the Star Wars fans. With it being May, the official month of Star Wars, it’s only right to spend this time watching The Mandalorian. Pedro Pascal plays the gunfighter who will travels galaxies to fight anyone and anything for the right amount of money. Yet, the best part about the whole series is still Baby Yoda, who accompanies the Mandalorian during his missions


See was among the first set of shows released on Apple TV+ and helped give viewers an idea of Apple’s vision for its upcoming content. In an extremely unique story, after everyone on earth goes blind, a woman miraculously gives birth to twins who have 20/20 vision. The couple and their twins try to survive in the wild, and protect themselves from a tribe that are out to hunt them and kill the newborns.