Ask The Expert: Rakshit Singh, Ritika Gupta, and Konpal Batra
Ask The Expert: Rakshit Singh, Ritika Gupta, And Konpal Batra

Fashion and style conundrums, deciphered and explained, by founders of design label Tann-ed

Rakshit Singh, Ritika Gupta, and Konpal Batra are the founders of Tann-ed, a design studio offering premium, high-quality leather goods that are modern, classic, and sophisticated.



A model walks the runway during the Dior Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2022 fashion show


This season, I wish to experiment with different types of bags. What would you recommend opting for?
An oversized tote, as we believe it is a statement. It’s definitely the must-buy of the season.


I have a hard time styling crossbody bags with everyday outfits. How would you recommend styling them?
Crossbody bags are an accessory that become a part of your outfit. It’s always better to pair them with relaxed silhouettes, as the bag accentuates the body. Apart from this, for a more detailed look, match your bag with one key piece of your clothing.


According to you, what kind of accessories would be trending in 2022?
With Y2K taking over, anything with a pop is what we can forecast for 2022. Also, headwear seems to be popular this year.


I wish to initiate myself into wearing accessories. What are some of the must-haves of the year, and how can I style them?
Accessories are so much fun, and can amp up any of your basic outfits. If you wish to invest in accessories this year, go for anything oversized. It’s something that instantly catches attention and shines out.

In what ways has the approach of men towards accessories changed over the years?
With every passing year, we have seen a rise in the number of men buying bags from us in India and globally. Initially, it used to be more of the messenger bags, but now it’s across categories. Totes have become prime accessories for many men these days, as they are utility and fashion at the same time.

I have a hard time maintaining my bags and other leather products. What tips would you suggest?
That’s a question we get asked a lot.To start with, we would like to say that leather is a skin, and it can stretch. So firstly, avoid overfilling bags to maintain their original shape. Take out a little time once in a few days to wipe away dust and spots from the leather using a soft cloth. Always store the bags in a dust bag, away from the sunlight, and take them out in the sun once in a few months so that the leather doesn’t catch moisture. With these basic rules, leather can last forever, and it ages beautifully.

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