It’s always exciting at the start of the year to see which fashion trends will explode and which will implode. These days, between endless couture and street collaborations and everything retro getting a modern twist, it’s more interesting than ever to see what exactly will hit. A number of fashion houses are trying the push the lines even further between genders, and fluidity will continue now to a point where I wouldn’t be surprised if we see unisex fashion shows with unisex clothing. There’s already more push towards body exposure as shirtless suits and sheer shirts are popping on runways everywhere. Will guys actually take the bait and comply, that’s left to be seen. Trends like cuban shirts, flared pants and oversized blazers have already started to pick up steam, so here are five trends I think will work in 2020:

Pink is the new black

Pink for men is being pushed heavily and why not? Most skin tones and body shapes can actually rock the colour. Younger generations don’t even think twice about sporting it. Pink is surely catching on because men are ready to be bolder. This is one way to showcase this empowerment.

You got to pick a pocket or two or three or more

Cargo pants be damned. Designers like Fendi and D&G are opting for pockets, pockets and more pockets in their jackets. The flair from the added pockets adds a sense of expedition, but also a level of functionality, given our hi-tech worlds where we really can’t do without our battery packs and wires and a whole bunch of things we never really thought we’d need to always have with us, but have now become a necessity.

Murse it or not

Speaking of functionality, the man purse is likely losing its endless fashion demerits as need has trumped fashion. Thankfully, we are getting trendy cross-over bags that do the job in a more guy-friendly way and make commuting much easier.


Paint splatter and tie-dye are making a runway comeback in a big and deserved way. With an acquired taste, designers are now trying to create more artistic statements in clothing, with Valentino leading the charge. A statement look for sure, but one that’s fun and likely to be a trend in our Instagrammable world.

A tunic or just a kurta

Issey Miyake tried their hands at bringing the long tunic into the men’s fashion scene all the way back in 2005/2006. It mostly didn’t work. But as the world has got smaller in many ways, and also far more diverse, long tunics — or kurtas — have been growing in popularity. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by top designers who are now creating a universe for men to indulge in this trend we’ve celebrated and enjoyed for a long time already. Fashion is becoming a riskier proposition, but some trends work because they avert the risk when you add a dash of individuality with a pinch of personality to your outfit. Ultimately, all of these trends work if you wear them with confidence and in 2020, no better look to have than one where you enjoy the style, not because you have to be in that style.