11 years ago, an iOS application was developed by a man, Armin Heinrich, called ‘I Am Rich’. This application sold on the App Store for US$999.99 (equivalent to $1,187 in 2019). The app had no function at all, but contained a glowing red gem and when pressed, displayed the following message: I am rich I deserv [sic] it I am good, healthy & successful The next day, Apple Inc. removed the application from its App Store, which just made it even more exclusive because by then, only eight people worldwide had bought the application. If you are someone who thinks buying an app just to enjoy this level of exclusivity is oh-so-regular, we’ve curated a list of applications that are developed specifically for the rich.


Consider this the Uber for millionaires. This app allows users to book chartered flights in seconds. Tap a button and get a flight — it’s that simple. Want to fly helicopters, seaplanes, and jets between Manhattan, Miami, and the Hamptons? Flyblade is the app for you. Want to purchase a seat on an existing flight, crowdsource a flight, or charter a private aircraft? Flyblade is the answer.


It’s Instagram for those who have lamborghinis, private planes, and can a‘ord daily massages for their dogs. While us plebs can view pictures on the app, only the uber-rich can publish them. Get on the app and you’ll find rare coin dealers, the scions of prominent real estate families, and a Russian heiress or two. After all, being rich is boring when nobody sees you, as their ocial Google Playstore bio reads.


Luxy is the leading dating app for “highquality singles”. Are you successful, conventionally attractive and, most importantly, enjoy luxury? Luxy is the Tinder for you. To get on to Luxy, you have to go through a verification process that guarantees the “best user community” in the dating app world.


Ever wanted to know just how broke you are? This app will help you come to that realisation. The Sotheby’s app helps you browse or search their upcoming auction calendar, and access the world’s most extraordinary art, precious objects, wine, and jewellery. With this app, you can register and place your bids on the go. You can also get notified about lots you are bidding on or are interested in, so you don’t miss an opportunity.


Considered the world’s most premium lifestyle app, iVIP Black gives members full VIP treatment at all partner venues worldwide. Members receive VIP treatment — extra-special experiences like complimentary upgrades, surprise gifts, welcome packages, exclusive rates, priority access, and other unique privileges — across iVIP Ltd’s global range of luxury partners and services. With this app, you can receive complimentary room upgrades at luxurious hotels, book private yachts, jets, and receive invitations to “exclusive evenings.