As important as workouts are for muscles, it is also crucial to help them recover and take care of them. That’s why, it is necessary to have a foam roller in your home gym. A foam roller is described as a self myofascial release (SMR) technique. It can help increase your joint range of motion, and relieve muscle soreness as well as inflammation.


You can’t have a complete home gym without having kettlebells in it. They would not take up too much space, and they are available in multiple sizes, materials, and sets. Kettlebells are also versatile. They can be used to provide a full-body workout, or to exercise a specific set of muscles, making them a worthwhile investment.


Over the years, the importance and utility of resistance bands have been recognised. It’s the perfect tool to stretch out those tight muscles through elastic energy and resistance. You have the freedom of choosing the resistance band that suits your workout, as they come in different forms that vary in levels of elasticity and resistance.


Medicine balls have been used for thousands of years now. Hippocrates was said to give his patients a ball stuffed with animal skins, for medicinal purposes. It’s a tried and tested workout tool that is ideal for focused muscle group workouts. They come in various shapes and weights, but if you don’t want to spend money buying a new one, you can also make one yourself.


This may not be for everyone, but battle ropes make for a great addition. If space is an issue, don’t worry, because they also come in a variety of sizes and lengths, so you can choose the one that suits you and your space. Battle rope exercises fall right between cardio and resistance, providing you with excellent and balanced muscle training.


  • Use a normal, football, basketball or volleyball.
  • Make a tiny incision just big enough for the tip of a funnel to fit in.
  • With the help of the funnel, fill the ball up with sand or fine mud. Make sure there are no sharp rocks in there. Fill the ball up as much as you can, without leaving too many air pockets inside.
  • Seal the incision with duct tape or rubber cement, and then cover the ball in any coloured tape you like to make it look distinctive.