With the slow but steady unlock in the country, ordering in is the new going out. Here’s a quick list of restaurants in Bengaluru and Chennai that you can count on to enjoy your meals

KCK Food Pack, Chennai

Craving some home style Kerala food? Kappa Chakka Kandhari Foods Pvt Ltd., the popular restaurant brand led by chef Regi Mathew, has launched KCK FoodPack — a delivery-only offering. Their menu changes to accommodate seasonal and regional specialities, and their dishes are said to hit a nerve of nostalgia with their flavours.

 Phuket Street by Benjarong, Chennai

There’s no denying that Thai is comfort food. Benjarong, a well-known Thai restaurant in Chennai, has launched Phuket Street by Benjarong to satisfy Bangkok street food cravings. Think chilli basil egg fried rice, flat noodles, and the likes. Yes, the perfect Saturday meal.

 Mex it Up, Chennai

Chef Kavya Verghese quit her job in Dubai and came back to India just before the pandemic, and then decided to introduce Mexican-Indian fare through her own kitchen, thus starting Mex It Up. If you’re a burrito person, she makes Chettinad Burrito, bringing the best of two worlds together, not to mention she has an Indian take on tacos and other delicacies too.

Con Amore, Bengaluru

Gone are the days when a random “Alfredo” was pasta enough to satisfy your Italian food cravings. Con Amore makes fresh, artisanal homemade uncooked pasta. They also have gnocchi, ravioli, etc., and their weekly menus include stuff like spice blend fettuccine, cream cheese and sage ravioli. You can also purchase bottles of fresh marinara sauce, so there’s really no need to eat processed crap in the name of weekend bingeing anymore.

 Too Much Chutney, Bengaluru

Snackers, this one’s for you. Bhajjis, twisted bhajjis, pakoras, with 20 types of chutneys. Too Much Chutney has some unusual flavours like prawns, spinach, capsicum, among others. Crisp snacks and a chutney like this, sounds like a Sunday. They have chutney subscription boxes, fresh coffee decoction, and you can buy fresh dosa batter from them too.

Cantan, Bengaluru

No list is complete without a pan-Asian inclusion. Looking for nice soups, cold plates, dainty dim sums? Cantan is offering some steamy, yummy Asian dishes on their delivery menu. They also offer bespoke menus for home entertainment. In fact, if you like a G&T with your food, they have a house-made signature salted plum shrub. It comes with a bottle of tonic water, and a recipe to stir up their hugely popular Cantan XO cocktail. Sounds like quite the weekend drink.