Sahil Nandal’s jewellery brand, Mirakin, came into existence when he stumbled upon the concept of 3D printing while pursuing his college thesis in Japan. While he has no formal education in jewellery design, coming from a family of designers means he’s always been on the ball when it comes to fashion and trends. Mirakin makes 3D printed jewellery at great prices (Rs 3,000 onwards) and will even customise pieces for you in a matter of days. New designs are added regularly, but for men, the biker-inspired pieces are hot sellers. “The Kinetic 2.0 ring is a favourite of mine, and it sells the most, along with the Kinetic 1.0 ring,” says Nandal. More unisex pieces include the super-creative range of cityscape-inspired rings that pay homage to Mumbai, Kolkata, New York, Istanbul and more.