Possibly the hottest Bollywood album of this year (we know it’s just February, but trust us on this one), this is a true representation of the angst of India’s streets and slums. While we wait for the film, the Gully Boy OST is packed with fire and passion, with music and lyrics by a bunch of indie artists like DIVINE, Ankur Tewari, Naezy, Dub Sharma, Karsh Kale and Spitfire, and performances led by Ranveer Singh. While Asli Hip Hop is a gut-punching take on real India, Apna Time Aayega has all the makings of a youth anthem. The power packed Jingostan and Azadi are red hot political commentaries that ask pertinent questions about the state of the country. And did Ranveer Singh just do a better cover of Meri Gully Mein than DIVINE and Naezy themselves? This album is a breath of original air amidst Bollywood’s current remix fever.