What could Bengali and French cuisine have in common, you might wonder. For starters, it is their love of mustard, second only to their love of doing absolutely nothing. To explore these two celebrated culinary experiences, Mustard comes to Mumbai from Goa, with distinctive menus that tread far from the usual. Forget the aloo posto and maachher jhol, the Bengali menu at Mustard is quite an experimental ride. We definitely dug the Murgi Pora and Shol Peyaj and the very interesting Bengali mezze platter, served with dips like Bombay Duck pâté and mashed prawns. The flavoursome curries, like the country chicken curry, the mutton Hussaini curry and the doodh tyangra are quite a delight. The French menu stars excellent tartars and tapenades, baked mussels cooked Dieppe style and wings roasted with honey mustard and balsamic. In mains, don’t miss the duck breast and the grilled fish of the day with a silky mustard hollandaise.