What is porn?”, Padte wonders in her debut book, Cyber Sexy: rethinking pornography, in which she writes about pornography, sex, attitudes towards sex and what different people feel and think about it. Padte has travelled all over the world (she “became a person in Brighton, England” in her own words) and writes on issues of gender, sex, tech, popular culture and illness. Quite the spectrum, right? Funny, intelligent and always insightful, her work has appeared in several magazines and digital outlets, including BuzzFeed, VICE and Rolling Stone. Along with this, Padte is also the co-founder and managing editor of the award-winning imprint, Deep Dives, which specialises in long form journalism and in-depth storytelling. A champion of long form in today’s day and age? That’s reason enough for us to go “YAAS QUEEN!”.