In an age where the world moves fast and the new generation wants to be one step ahead, you need a car that can keep up with the pace, while also looking the job. With its youthful design language, and slew of connected features, the Hyundai VENUE effortlessly proves to be the undisputed choice.



The Hyundai VENUE boasts of a design that translates youth and exuberance, in the purest way possible. The sport trim’s fun design is also translated through minute details like the red brake calipers, trendy roof rails, and the red (+) accent on the front grille. When VENUE cruises by, it’s almost impossible to focus on anything else.



The Hyundai VENUE comes equipped with the new Intelligent Manual Technology (iMT). Gone are the days where you needed to tire out your left foot holding down the clutch pedal. The Intelligent Manual Technology in VENUE gets rid of the clutch pedal, giving full manual control solely through the gear lever.



The Hyundai VENUE effortlessly complements today’s youth, and is tailor-made to fit into their always-on-the-move lifestyle, like Priyank Sharma, who aligns himself with Hyundai VENUE’s ethos and believes in staying connected to excitement.



Practicality is another one of the Hyundai VENUE’s strong suit. Boot space, powerful engines, and fuel efficiency, it checks all the right boxes. Fill the boot with your weekend luggage or pack the musical instruments for the house party, the VENUE has loads of room to accommodate it all.



It’s cardinal that today’s younger generation has a vehicle that places emphasis on versatility and multi-tasking, which just happens to be one of the Hyundai VENUE’s many fortes. For a world that’s connected through one phone, you need to make sure your phone never runs out of juice, and the VENUE’s wireless charging feature helps you keep your phone fuelled up at all times. And of course, Hyundai doesn’t forget about communication and being in touch. Get a taste of Connected features through Hyundai’s Blue Link technology that helps you stay connected to your car at all times, from anywhere