The last few years may not have seen much by way of open races because of the pandemic, but it hasn’t dampened the R&D spirit of the likes of Skechers in their quest to design the perfect running shoe. The company has been busy revisiting its popular GoRun series, and the new iteration GoRun Razor Excess has ‘winner’ written all over.

Right out of the box, the shoe felt very different yet very familiar. It’s exceptionally lightweight, for one. The uppers run smooth and seamless while the sole, although fairly chunky, deceives with its light weight. The colourway, though stated as simply blue, is actually quite electric. The bolt-like red midsole provides a sporty streak that accentuates the speed quotient. The reflective details (on the vamp) speak for its security features when running in the dark, besides making the shoe look funky.

Slipping into it, the shoe feels neither too broad nor narrow. It is snug but with a roomy toe box, which is excellent for the coming season as thicker (winter) socks require shoes to accommodate the extra girth. The upper mesh, although breathable, still felt relatively insulated.

Skechers launched an excellent walking shoe some time ago, which I liked very much. The research that went into creating various aspects of that trainer probably came in handy with Razor Excess as well. The Hyper Arc zone at the bottom that smoothens each stride, making the transition as efficient as possible, is a good example.

My first run was effortless and smooth. The familiarity in the stride gave me the feeling that though a lot had changed, the shoe still retained its Skechers GoRun pedigree. To translate — it was a comfortable ride, the foot feeling enough energy return during toe-off with reassuring support while landing.

Men's GoRun Razor Excess Shoes in Black-Green combo

The ultra-light ‘Hyperburst’ cushioning contributed significantly to the ease of each stride. The heel grip inserts, the padded collar, and a thin 3D-cut tongue adds to the comfort. The laces are among the finest that I have seen on a pair of running shoes in quite some time. They don’t come undone and have just the right amount of stretch to snugly embrace the foot with the ability to expand and contract during the run.

Other upgrades include a Goodyear outer layer, which boasts enhanced rubber tech for better traction. I ran on the tarmac and on a soft track immediately after the rains, and in both cases, the shoe didn’t once feel like it was getting away from under me, even while cornering. What’s even better, the uppers were easy to wipe clean (with a damp cloth), particularly after a muddy run.

At Rs 9,999, Skechers GoRun Razor Excess is priced at a premium as compared to many previous models, but is super value-for-money. Durable build quality will ensure ample mileage before you think about getting a new pair. Mine is already about 100 kilometres in, and I have barely put a scratch or scuff on them.