Suit Jackets w/Jeans

The quintessential way to dress down a suit look is to replace the suit trousers with a pair of well-fitted jeans. This allows the entire look to change from business to business casual and even beyond. What I like is that the sky is the limit, in terms of what shirt to wear underneath (okay, some limits are there). Be it a Chinese collar, a turtleneck or even a T-shirt, there are many ways to work this look. Of course, you can also switch up accessories to drive the point further, but, if you want to ease into this look, just remove the tie, switch out the trousers with jeans and then see how you feel. You’ll notice that the look works in nearly every scenario.

Suit Trousers w/Printed Shirts

A nice printed shirt goes a long way to dress down a pair of suit trousers. The key is that the focus should remain on the shirt so make sure when tucked in (yes, shirts must be tucked in when paired with suit trousers), the focus goes to where you desire. If the slacks are too big or not fitting right, don’t pair them with a printed shirt, as the look will only emphasise the sizing issue. All in all, this look helps to keep the trousers as equally wearable as the suit jacket.

One Suit’s Jacket w/Another Suit’s Trousers

First of all, this is a look that has to be done right in order to work. Think pinstripes meet checks. I love to pair a narrow pinstripe tailored suit jacket with a pair of check pants. It’s important when putting together such a contrasting look, that the fabrics match up in quality and weight. Beyond this, don’t overdo the look. A solid pair of Oxfords go well with this style.

Pocket Squares w/Suit Jacket & Khakis

It doesn’t have to be gaudy or flashy, but make it pop. The contrast of a darker shade suit jacket with khakis and a gingham or paisley pocket square makes a statement without being too much. It can even be a ight, solid-coloured pocket square with a nice border — adding that slight pop of colour can make the look feel fun. My favourite thing here is to play around with accessories, so think about changing up your shoes and also your watch.

Suit Trousers w/T-Shirt & Denim Jacket

Personally, I love this look and whenever you can blur the lines between business and workwear, do it. A classic white or beige T-shirt in a breathable fabric with a pair of custom-fit suit trousers already gives a summery feel to an otherwise traditional look. Throw on a well-fitted denim jacket (shouldn’t be faded or ripped) and it just classes up the look while also still fitting into the mould of a well-fitted attire. Dress up or down the look with the right pair of shoes (I love to pair this with Chelsea boots). At the end of the day, suit yourself and choose the look that works for you to ensure that you get proper usage out of both your suit jacket and trousers. As always, try to use them equally so any fade and wash occur simultaneously. If you’ve paid a lofty sum for the suit, you should enjoy it.