Meezaan Jafri has worked really hard to achieve his fitness goals, and look that good shirtless. The actor talks about his regime, and what it takes for him to be able to flaunt such a flawless physique

Meezaan Jafri

A Week In Fitness

My week in fitness is quite taxing. I work out six days a week. I take my Sundays off but nowadays, because I have been playing football on Sundays, I don’t even get Sundays off. So technically, I am doing some kind of workout every day.

Workout Routine

I do weight training three times a week, and I do gymnastics and core three times a week. I play football once a week. So Monday is going to be my chest, shoulder, and triceps, which is going to be heavyweights on all three body parts. Tuesday is going to gymnastics in the morning, and then core in the evening. I do 20-30 minutes of core in the gym. After that, on Wednesday, I will do back and arms. Thursday, again, is gymnastics and core. Friday is legs day, and again, gymnastics and core on Saturday. On Sunday, I play football for two hours. 

I try to get a massage twice a week to keep recovering, and continue my workout. I am on a keto diet so it is very difficult for me to exert that amount of energy because I am not intaking any carbs. But yes, I always try to do it. I have also joined dance classes now so it has become more taxing, but I am trying to keep up with it. 

Favourite Muscle Group To Work On

Legs is my favourite workout because whenever I do legs, I do it the fastest. I do it in the most effective way, so I enjoy legs the most. I feel the best after I do legs, so I will go with that. 

Hardest Thing To Do In A Gym

I have been working out since 2013, so nothing really is difficult. But I think when I do my HIIT circuits, those become really tough. If I am doing any Olympic lifting, like if I am doing a clean-and-jerk or snatches, that is tough for me. 

Best Time To Workout

The minute you wake, early in the morning, is the best time to work out. It is best to wake up early in the morning anyway, but try and squeeze in a workout whenever you wake up. 

Best Form To Be Fit

There is not just one specific form that one should follow. I do weight training, I do gymnastics, and I try to be flexible and agile because that is the kind of body I want to keep. But otherwise, to each his own. If they want to have a body builder’s body, then they have to work out a different way. It depends on what you are trying to achieve, but mine is a balance of everything. So there is sports, there is gymnastics, there is dance, there is weight-training.

If Not In The Gym

I will either swim, or I will play football. 

Favourite Gym Equipment

My favourite gym equipment includes the pull-up bar, the cable machine because you can then do a lot of things on it. 

Favourite Kind Of Training

I personally love weight training. It is my favourite.

Cheat Meal

There is going to be a lot of rice. There is going to be a lot of home-cooked food including chicken gravies, keema. Keema Pav is also my favourite. There is going to be biryani. Desserts will be chocolate chip pancakes, for sure. After that, there is going to be chocolates for me to munch on while I am watching something.