With the ever-increasing personalisation of all kinds of food, be it cookies, pickles, or just a simple kind of ghee to enhance flavours, a bunch of new homegrown food brands that are pretty condiment specific, have bowled us over. MW tries out 10 such brands, and lists their best products for you to indulge in


Nut butters, you think? Nope. There’s a brand in town now that’s infusing butter with the most unbelievable ingredients, and winning at it. Little treats, founded by Sunita Prashant, a dentist by profession, does artisanal butters using white unsalted butter and zero preservatives. Their signature Indian flavoured butters sell like hot cakes.

Editor’s pick: Thecha butter

Thecha butter


Cookies don’t have to be big, heavy, and chocolate chippy. Mo’s does these healthy, bite-sized cookies that are vegan and eggless. Mohita Mathur, an ex-Google professional, started this brand as she was tired of mithai. Along with the usuals, Mo’s also does health-specific cookies such as lactation cookies for pregnant women.

Editor’s pick: Beetroot dark chocolate cookies

Beetroot dark chocolate cookies


Achaar, but make it gourmet. Pickle Shickle is run by Rithu Nanda and her daughters, and they make some unique flavoured pickles, thanks to Rithu’s multicultural lineage that has led to her exploring a plethora of influences in her pickles. They cook their pickles personally, add no preservatives, and their recipes are all family recipes. 

Editor’s pick: Burmese chilli garlic onion oil 

Burmese chilli garlic onion oil 


Other than mango, what’s your favourite fruit in a pickle? For everyone who wants an exotic taste of spices and fruits to go with their meals, Goosebumps has quite the selection, as well as snacks, fruit chocolates, spice mixes et al. Just their Instagram page will make you drool, we promise.

Editor’s pick: Pineapple-pepper and orange-fennel pickles

Pineapple-pepper and orange-fennel pickles


VS Mani and Co., another family brand, has an instant filter coffee mix that has taken the internet by a storm. GD Prasad started this brand inspired by his grandfather, or thatha, V Subramaniam, or VS. Think of a rainy day, and a cup of this delicious filter coffee. What a dream.

Editor’s pick: Instant filter coffee

Instant filter coffee


A company inspired by women, Your Tasty Tales does heavenly ready-to-cook curry pastes by the mothers, aunts, and grandmothers in their lives. It’s the best way to make a nice dish without worrying about if you have mixed your masalas correctly. From Amritsari Mutton curry, to Aloo Launji, and even Kolkata Nolen Gur packs, there’s a lot to choose from.

Editor’s pick: Ghee roast paste

Ghee roast paste


A team of hardworking women put together jars of goodness, also called The Gourmet Jar, which has a delectable range of preserves, mustard, dips, sauces, spreads, and honey. From a banana rum jam to jamun honey, or a jar of olive tapenade, your breakfast and high tea selection of spreads can come from here.

Editor’s pick: Ketchup Picante with Kanthari Chilli

Ketchup Picante with Kanthari Chilli


Stir fry sauces for your everyday use. Other than some great sauce, Master Chow does noodles (ramen, hakka), sticky rice, as well as these combo packs, also called The Pantry Box, which has three sauces, and different kinds of noodles, so you can make your own bowl. Quite the easy way to enjoy hot Asian food at home.

Editor’s pick: Tokyo Drift-Black Bean And Garlic Stir Fry Sauce

Tokyo Drift-Black Bean And Garlic Stir Fry Sauce


Homemade Andhra pickles, podis, and pachadis (fresh pickles) are Upala’s Kitchen bestsellers. From your basic Idly Podi to Nellikai Avakai to tangy Lemon Ginger Chilli, your curd rice and other meals can be made even more delicious with these options.

Editor’s pick: Mango ginger pachadi

Mango ginger pachadi


Matamaal, the first Kashmiri Pandit restaurant in India, has come up with a handcrafted spice market, Kanz & Muhul, and they have everything from Kashmiri pickles to masalas meant for certain dishes (yakhni pulao, case in point), organic dry fruits to artifacts and traditional hand crafted utensils. 

Editor’s pick: Instant Kehwa blend 

Instant Kehwa blend