Who says bucket hats are only summer essentials? Bucket hats come in all forms, making it easier to flaunt the accessory according to the season. The PVC hat can be worn during monsoons without worrying about soaking. A bucket hat is an accessory that will complete your monsoon wardrobe, and give you a fresh look.


Getting your footwear drenched in puddles is the worst. The best solution is to invest in a pair of waterproof boots. For monsoons, choose rubber Chelsea rain boots and team them with chinos, button-down shirts, and jackets to complete the look.


Similar to trench coats and parkas, a bomber jacket also falls into the all-seasonal, or trans seasonal category, and it’s always trending, because it’s a cool layer to sport. Initially seen on luxury runways, the bomber jacket eventually trickled down to the streetwear labels. The piece makes for a staple clothing for monsoons as it is lightweight, and can be layered with T-shirts and denims. In fact, you can never go wrong with a neon bomber on a grey day.


It’s time to ditch those summer duŒe bags, and grab a convenient training backpack. A modern backpack is the most practical bag to fill up your essentials with, so pick one in bright colours, and with exciting features such as zippered pockets, a laptop sleeve, etc. Get yourself one that’s spacious, and can accommodate your gym gear, shoes, and laptop, with ease.


For those who don’t know, a shacket is a combination of a shirt and jacket, and is a versatile piece that can be utilised during this season. For example, go for a military style shacket, which you can wear with almost anything, over a graphic T-shirt, or underneath a long coat. Pick safe colours such as khaki, olive, black, or white, that can be layered with other patterns and colours.


This outerwear clothing item is a hooded coat, designed to keep the rains out. Modern parkas are lightweight and oversized, which serves the purpose of the garment. The piece hasn’t been able to break into the luxury world, but it has been introduced in di‹erent ways, to cater to the style. Wearing a parka over your clothes can be really helpful as umbrellas cannot thoroughly protect you during heavy rains.


A sturdy umbrella is the most obvious requirement during the season. It also serves as a stylish accessory, provided you choose the correct design. Choose minimalistic patterns and subtle colours that go with your aesthetic.


A classic trench coat will add a stylish touch to your everyday workwear wardrobe, and it will save you from the drizzle. The fabric of a trench coat is thick enough to not get completely soaked, which also makes it great for light monsoon. Invest in a good quality one that can be worn for years, as it never goes out of style.