Ever wondered what supermodels do to be so ripped and ready? We speak to four models, and get the ultimate guide to achieving the beach and runway ready supermodel bod


Imrann Ahmad

HOW TO GET THE BOD: Since childhood, I have had a small body frame and long torso, which is good for modelling but for my own satisfaction, I had to gain a bit. A model needs to have accurate measurements, which may help in castings and modelling shows. I’m fond of lifting since I realised that I have to build a good-looking physique. The best three workouts: chinups, squats, and abdominals. Add some cardio as well. The three workouts that I follow every week and never miss are aerobics, HIIT, and yoga.

MODEL DIET: I start my mornings with oats, bananas, seeds with dry fruits, boiled eggs, and peanut butter bread. For lunch, jeera rice and chicken with different sauces plus green veggies. Juice and some carbs are a part of my pre-workout or an evening snack. Dinner usually consists of chicken salads along with a flavoured smoothie. I avoid sodium, non-refined foods, sugar, and alcohol.

LIFESTYLE: Fitness is a part of the fashion world. Go to the gym. Eat healthy food. Wear good outfits. Talk nicely. Be humble and most importantly, never miss an opportunity that may help you be where you always dream to be.



HOW TO GET THE BOD: Workouts that I usually follow to get a very model-like body is to focus more on functional training. It’s a very short bust of circuit training, which involves your whole body for a period of 40 to 45 minutes with a rest time of 30 to 60 seconds between each set, depending on your endurance level. Workouts like skipping, jumping jacks, mountain climbing, battle ropes, burpees are helpful to maintain a model-like body. I also focus a lot on cardiovascular activities like jogging, sprinting, swimming, football, or mixed martial arts, which burn a lot of calories in a very short period of time.

MODEL DIET: When I have an assignment or a photoshoot, I follow a strict diet where I completely avoid sugar, soda, and gluten. My daily calories do not exceed more than 2,000 calories per day so within a week’s time with a proper workout and diet, it’s easy for me to get a very ripped and chiselled body that will look sharp on camera. Replacing the usual with better quality food like quinoa, salads, fruits, egg whites, protein shakes, oats, nuts, broccoli, and sprouts is the way to maintain a healthy body. Apart from a regular diet, one should also take multivitamins, which are a very essential part of your daily supplementation.

LIFESTYLE: Be consistent, disciplined, and focused if you want a body to die for.



HOW TO GET THE BOD: My workout is not only limited to lifting weights. I do a lot of functional training and yoga, where I use my whole body to gain strength and stability. Well, there are some exercises that we should do every day, not just to get a model body but to achieve a peaceful mind. For me, that one thing would be to practice mindful breathing and practice gratitude. Exercising daily is a must. It might be any sort of movement, it could be a brisk walk, or cycling, or swimming, or dancing.

MODEL DIET: My diet is very simple. It is mostly seasonal vegetables, fruits, and locally available grains. I am not fussy about food but I make sure I don’t overeat or take heavy meals after 6:30 pm. I usually have my supper around 6 pm and if I am hungry later, I eat nuts or have a glass of turmeric milk, or a big bowl of soup with lots of veggies in it. When it comes to food, we need to ask ourselves what works for us and what doesn’t.

LIFESTYLE: I get up around 6:30-7 am and after my morning routine and rituals, I have my nutritious breakfast because I train in the morning. After my exercise, I practice some breathing techniques, followed by relaxation. After that, I prepare a protein-rich meal for myself.



HOW TO GET THE BOD: For me, it’s all about keeping up with a healthy lifestyle and that, of course, includes a workout. Since my initial days, as I am from Rewari, Haryana — sports and staying fit have been my lifestyle. I’ve maintained a lean and toned body frame, and I do that by including a lot of cardio in my workout, mixed with a little bit of weight training, and functional exercises. One habit that I have never given up is meditation.

MODEL DIET: I’m mostly vegetarian. I consume only organically grown food products. I love ghar ka khana. Everyone’s body type is different, and the things that work for me, might not necessarily work for others. Your body will tell you what it wants, you just have to listen.

LIFESTYLE: It’s all about self-care. Create a routine, and stick to it. Meditate, eat healthy, work out often, and find a balance. So then staying in shape is not stressful, it becomes a way of life. I don’t know about a “model lifestyle”, I am not defined by the job I do. But for me, it’s all about living a healthy and peaceful life. My job as an actor and model makes me travel a lot, so I make sure I don’t miss my workout routine. I always take out time to go for a run.

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