The Pantone Colour Of The Year always generates a buzz, and this year’s hue ups the fashion market that’s already playing with shades. Fashion experts explain how to add it to your wardrobe

When Pantone announced Veri Peri as the colour of 2022, everyone was quite thrilled to welcome this lovechild of violet and blue — a colour that fits perfectly into today’s aesthetic.

Pantone described Very Peri as a “colour whose courageous presence encourages personal inventiveness and creativity.” Articulating the idea further, they explain that the colour was created by “encompassing the qualities of the blues, yet, at the same time, possessing a violet-red undertone” all of which gives Very Peri “a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence.”

Veri Peri is a neutral shade of purple that contains plenty of grey tones, which means it’s easy to pair with most colours and, unlike a pure purple, pastel lavender, or punchy violet, this shade is approachable and will look flattering on everyone. Just like sage and avocado green, this shade will be the next one to blow up all over Instagram and Pinterest moodboards. 

Celebrity stylist Isha Bhansali defines the colour of the year as an extension of lilac, a predominant colour of 2021. Periwinkle is rather versatile due to the coolness of the shade and from high street brands to Indian designers, including Kanika Goyal and Dhruv Kapoor, all have taken it on.

How is the fashion industry planning to play with very peri? We ask celebrity stylist Akshay Tyagi. “According to me, this palette got serious in the industry. I mean we change our seriousness as the trends occur, so I think this colour has definitely been around for a really long time. But I think with the last resurgence of pink for men being advocated by Jake Gyllenhall, people have been very accepting of this new palette. Also, I think with TV shows and content that we are consuming these days, we are able to really accept all kinds of colours, styles, and a lot more.”

From art, home decor, technology to fashion, the colour of the year has made its entrance into these sectors with its calming sense during these chaotic times. From Louis Vuitton to Lanvin, the shade has made its debut in recent collections, setting a great example of ways to include it in your ensembles. Equally energetic and tranquil, and distinguishable by its mixture of soft purple and blue, it is a universally flattering hue on all skin tones for its ability to bring out a cool glow.

Yadvi Agarwal, the founder of Yavi explains, “Veri peri is a warm and uplifting purple. It’s a colour that is joyous and dynamic, and encourages creativity and expression. This can be well paired with pastels like blue, yellow, pink, and mint green, which will bring in newness. The presence of this colour can be worked through accessorising with bags, shoes, jewellery, and sunglasses.”

Designer Sawan Gandhi adds, “One can definitely look at having fun with this shade. Colours like black, white, beige, orange go well with it but a grey palette would be amazing to pair it with.”

With veri peri, you go with classic blacks and neutrals. If you are a little more adventurous, you can also change the spectrum of periwinkle and pastels tones. You can go with a jewelled-toned version of purple, dark eggplant, a very light almost-not-there mauve, which works really nice. You can pair them with denim as well. “For casual wear, I would say a periwinkle T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves and with a bucket hat plus slouchy jeans. In terms of going out, a periwinkle blazer or maybe trousers worn with a fitted shirt, with black Chelsea boots. For formal wear, I suggest you tuck in periwinkle shirts with a textured jacquard suit, or you can go all out with a full monochrome look along with darker purple with a wool trench on top,” says Tyagi.

Celebrity stylist Anisha Gandhi thinks that another great way to style your very peri outfit is to combine it with shades of blue. “For example, you can layer your very peri jacket with a blue T-shirt or shirt. You could also layer your veri peri polo neck T-shirt with dark blue denim. Most shades of blue work beautifully with this colour.”

 She continues, “The best way to allow the colour to pop is by pairing it with neutral shades like beige, off white, white grey, and brown. I personally love the combination of brown with this colour. You can also layer your neutral jackets/coats with a very peri T-shirt/shirt to add a pop of colour.”

Accessorising is another way to sneak this colour into your style. Designer Sawan Gandhi opines, “For me, this is a very casual colour. Headbands, scarves, pocket squares, or even ties would be a good way to include the colour through accessories. Very peri could become the go-to colour for accessorising. For example, a very peri nail paint or a scarf.”

“Various sneaker brands like Nike, Onitsuka Tiger, Vans, Converse, and many others have launched sneakers in very peri collection. Using very peri sneakers with your outfit will undoubtedly attract attention. You can also try this trend by adding very peri colours to your socks,” recommends Anisha.