Solar-powered efficiency, smartphone connectivity and a wide range of smart functions

Connected watches are all the rage these days, with manufacturers racing each other to build high-tech smartwatches that work in sync with smartphones and offer a world of features. Swiss watchmaker Tissot has always been ahead of the game. The company launched the world’s first multifunction touchscreen watch – the very first T-Touch – way back in 1999 and followed that up with the equally pathbreaking High-T, which was created in association with Microsoft and was launched in 2004.

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

Powered by Microsoft’s MSN Direct and featuring Tissot’s exclusive tactile technology, the High-T was able to serve up personalised content – news, weather updates, appointment reminders, messages and more – straight to the wearer’s wrist. Given that manufacturers are still refining and optimising connected tech for smartwatches today, in 2021, what the High-T has been able to accomplish is pretty revolutionary for its time.

A direct descendant of the world’s first multifunction tactile watch, the new T-Touch Connect Solar is a stylish, sophisticated, solar-powered smartwatch that runs Tissot’s purpose-built SwALPS operating system. With photovoltaic solar cells embedded under its dial, the new T-Touch can be used in the connected mode for up to six months on solar power alone. Beat that for eco-friendliness and sustainability! And yes, since the watch is meant to work in sync with your smartphone, the Tissot OS is fully compatible with iOS, Android and even Huawei’s Harmony, the three main smartphone OSes currently in use worldwide.

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

As you may expect, the T-Touch Connect Solar is packed with features; you get things like a perpetual calendar, countdown, multiple timekeeping functions, alarms, weather and altitude information and a calorie counter. Furthermore, in connected mode, the watch offers a range of functions linked to its mobile app, which you can easily install on your phone. Smart notifications, calls, text messages, emails and more. With the T-Touch, you are always connected 24×7; the watch serves as an indispensable extension of your smartphone.

However, there’s more to the T-Touch Connect Solar than its cool new OS, smartphone connectivity, touchscreen functionality and wide range of features. There’s the 47mm titanium case with a scratch-resistant engraved ceramic bezel, satin-finished surfaces, soft corners, titanium bracelet and 100m water resistance. Rubber straps and cases with black PVD or rose gold PVD finish are also available.

Tissot T-Touch Connect Solar

For Tissot, their customers’ privacy and data security are of prime concern. In the case of the T-Touch, neither the watch nor its smartphone app sends data to any third party; neither is data accessible via the watch’s OS or any other component. In other words, the T-Touch Connect Solar is entirely secure, which is what you’d expect of a high-end Swiss-made smartwatch. With its combination of classy, good looks, range of optional colours and materials, unmatched solar-powered efficiency and a vast range of smart functions, the T-Touch Connect Solar is a force to reckon with.

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