Gone are the days where old, ragged T-shirts were used for working out till they’re worn out. Be it simple joggers or T-shirts, there is a checklist that one needs to follow to ensure that their gym wear investment includes looking good.

When it comes to functional gym wear for men, it’s all about unleashing the athlete inside you. Whether it’s running on a treadmill, lifting weights for a home workout, or an indoor sport, it is essential to express your style in the same way that you flaunt those quirky fits while going out. Given that high-intensity workouts and exercising have become the most popular quarantine activity in the last one year, there couldn’t be a better time to upgrade your workout wardrobe to set your intense fitness routine. 

Celebrity stylist Sukriti Grover says, “Ever since sportswear made the transition from the gym to the leisure scene, brands have curated designs that have gotten cleaner, sharper, and more technical. Style your bomber jackets with unexpected colours or luxe material, while adding some interesting elements such as extra zippers, fancy stitching, and detailing.” She also explains that if the goal is to look effortless, it is hard to think of anything more effortless than a T-shirt. “There are two simple options: pants and shorts. One can experiment with sporty cuts and fabrics, and team up your sportswear on top with something more tailored down below. For sweatpants, soft fabrics, basic colours, and minimalistic detailing would work best,” she says.

An important pointer that everyone tends to forget while buying gym wear, is the fabric and colour. Celebrity stylist Isha Bhansali opines, “While you need breathable fabrics because you’ll be sweating it out, you also need dry-fit fabrics that keep you dry. Depending on the kind of workout you choose, you can either opt for fitted pieces that help you in easy stretching and weight training, or you can choose loose fits for cardio workouts. The best colour in gym wear is neon. There are no colour boundaries,” she adds.

Talking about how brands come up with functional as well as stylish pieces to the collections, UNIQLO India’s representative shares that the brand focuses on apparel that is inspired by life’s need, indigenous details, and impeccable quality. “Today, customers want their clothes to be functional and practical, while also helping them express their individuality. At the essence of UNIQLO’s clothing is its LifeWear philosophy, where clothing is constantly being innovated and improved, bringing better design and comfort to people’s lives,” they add. Another option to look at is Asics Sports Style, their tie-dye shorts and hybrid woven jackets are a huge hit. For trainers, you can go for the Acromount series from Onitsuka Tiger. The series feature a combination of fabric and leather with a vintage feel, as well as a contemporary form

Here are some of the key pieces to add to your daily fitness routine: 

A Simple Hoodie 

(Adidas Originals Pride Pack)

A great hoodie should be comfy, minimalistic, and very durable. Brands like Nike, Adidas, and UNIQLO have great versions in simple earthy shades as well, which will allow you a great deal of wear even outside of the gym


A well-fitting pair of sweatpants will serve you well for running other errands before and after your gym session. Find versions that will be comfortable, and be careful of the fabric that they come in. Go for high quality fabric that will last for all seasons.

Workout Trainers

Your style of the shoe depends on how you choose to burn off those extra pounds. Go for specially designed running shoes. While you should most definitely look out for a functional piece, you can also find simple styles and classic colours

Racer Tank

Perfect for just about any workout, from lifting to bodyweight and running, the relaxed-but-fitted racer tank will be airy enough to let your skin breathe. It will also show off the shape and tone of your physique, giving you instant gratification. Racer tanks can be effortlessly paired with sweats, making it an everyday gym fit.

Gym Bag

Find yourself a great gym bag that will go well with other casual clothing. A larger style is ideal, but also try to find one with compartments for your various gym essentials. Black is always a winner, but if you’re looking for something different without too much change, go for the dark grey and navy-blue styles.