Here are the cardinal rules for accessorising in a presentable manner

The subject of male accoutrements is largely an ignored one. It’s nowhere near the bigger problem when it comes to gender inequality, hence goes largely unaddressed, but something must be said about the fact that most men don’t get it right. We seem to either weigh ourselves down in a precise metal drip, or we don items that don’t particularly fit our style, statement, or swag.

Here are a few cardinal rules for accessorising in an acceptably presentable manner, one which shows you off as a dandy, but not a Bollywood wannabe. It’s a fine line sometimes, so pay attention.

  1. Jewellery


The term, honestly, has no defining boundary. From earrings to chains, a pocket watch to cuff links, just about anything can be considered jewellery. The idea is simple, less is definitely more. Wearing 10 different rings on 10 different fingers is only lucky for you if you are an established rap artist with the prefix ‘Lil’ in your name. Else, it’s just a weird mafia-esque vibe that attracts nothing prettier than the CBI and IRS.


  1. Watches


Not every watch is for every wrist, or time of day. Remember that before putting down a bid on the next available Daytona. Evening watches don’t need to tell the date, and a diver watch is always best on a steel or silicone strap. The “complicated” ones, from lunar phase to chiming ones, are for the strut, and not always daily wear. The regular watch should be noticeable, but not conspicuous, memorable without being distracting. Large dials are on their way out so if in doubt, go for something small and flush enough to slide easily under your shirt cuff.

  1. Shirt pieces

Shirt Pieces

From cuff links to tie pins and collar bars and arm bands, take your pick according to the level of activity and comfort you wish to accommodate. I have realised a found[1]again joy in button-down shirts, which can look formal with a stiff collar through the day sans the cumbersome metal bars underneath them for support. I eschew arm bands (unless you are a bartender), but go weak in the knees for a smart collar pin. Tie pins, although functionally unnecessary, are a great way to showcase something snazzy in your look.

  1. Chains, rings, bracelets

Necklace, Chain

This is a big and constantly expanding category. Each year, more brands are venturing into this space, introducing stylistic designer pieces for the male vanity. Never one to not jump the bandwagon early, I profess an undying love for all things Alyx (with their roller-coaster belt clasp), Off-White (for their large bold prints), and MISBHV (some zany bracelets). Rings, honestly, look good only on stage. Unless necessary and indispensable, try and avoid the trend of replacing your teeth with grills and precious stones.

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