Shah Rukh Khan’s wit and charm is unparalleled in the industry, and you’ve seen his spontaneous humor on display in several interviews and award functions. Even on Twitter, SRK has this habit of doing these #AskSRK sessions, where he answers a ton of questions from fans at lightning quick speed. It’s as if he can say the funniest things from the top of his head, despite being under so much pressure of maintaining his superstar status. He did another one yesterday, before the launch of his new show on TV, TED Talks Nayi Soch

There’s a reason why I consider myself a Jabra fan, and these truly great answers on Twitter are just one of the many reasons. 











Certainly, these tweets made us roll on our office chairs with laughter. So much so that our stomachs started hurting. We hope he has many more #AskSRK sessions in the future, and chooses to answer inane questions by fans in the funniest way possible. 

So yes, it’s not just his oratory skills or his charming smile that makes jokes funny, it’s his razor sharp mind too. And yes, despite the amount of love and adulation that he gets, SRK has to deal with a lot of hate too. But he deals with it like a sporty person, and knows that trolls hiding behind a mask don’t deserve too much attention. 

Also, shockingly, SRK is averse to using emoticons. “Men don’t send smileys,” he said in an interview with Firstpost. Personally, we don’t agree to that opinion, but then even the biggest superstar is entitled to his opinion. 

“It is a leveller. On twitter, I get appreciation and abuse directly from people. When I entered the industry, movie stars had to be mysterious, enigmatic. I feel the accessibility we see today will make way for regular guys who think of cinema as a regular job,” he said in an interview with The Hindu

Coming back to TED Talks, SRK himself had delivered a wonderful speech in Vancouver earlier this year. “A mystic poet from my land, famously wrote, ‘Pothi padhi padhi, jug bhaya. Pandit bhaya na koi. Dhai akshar prem ke, padhe so pandit hoye.’ Which loosely translates into, ‘All the books of knowledge that you might read, and then go ahead and impart your knowledge through innovation, through creativity, through technology, but mankind will never be wiser about its future, unless it is coupled with a sense of love and compassion for the fellow being,” he said.