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Our 5 Favourite Moments From The First Episode Of Game Of Thrones’ New Season

Winter Is Finally Here

Winter is finally here. And with it comes a brand-new, highly-anticipated season of the world’s biggest show. The first episode of the eighth season was pretty lowkey. The episode consisted mostly of unpleasant confrontations and heavy truth bombs.

Here, we take a look at some of our favourite moments from the episode and it goes without saying, spoilers ahead.

Winterfell Is Yours

The episode starts off with Daenerys Targaryen entering the gates of Winterfell, accompanied by the ex-King in the North, Jon Snow, her army of Unsullied, Dothraki and two hungry dragons. The Northerners did seem wary of the new guest, which included Sansa Stark. Sansa was visibly uncomfortable with Daenerys being there and didn’t plan on hiding it. These women do not get along and that works out really well for us because we love drama. 


Euron Greyjoy Finally Gets His Way

This piece of crap needs to die soon. Maybe one of the dragons might eat him up or burn him alive, we don’t care how it happens but it needs to happen ASAP. Euron Greyjoy finally got his way with Cersei and had sex with the Queen. What was particularly creepy was how he said he wants to put a Prince in her belly, but Cersei’s face simply expressed anger for him and it was evident she’s going to kill him violently sometime during this season. Now even though this wasn’t our favourite moment per se, but we just think its an important one as this was the moment Cersei’s true hatred grew for the man. 


The Dragon Stare

Jon and Daenerys headed out on a dragon ride to get out of all that Winterfell negativity. The dragons stopped over at a beautiful spot, with white mountains surrounding them and a serene waterfall behind them. Naturally, it was so romantic that the two couldn’t help it and ended up kissing. But, the dragon didn’t like that. Can you blame him? Who would feel comfortable seeing the dude you just carried on your back through freezing-nipple level of cold to only see him kiss your mother. Or maybe, the dragon just knew that Jon and Daenerys were actually related and he was just creeped out seeing the two with their tongues down each other’s throats. 


Two Frenemies Meet Again

The Hound and Arya Stark have had a long bitter-sweet history. So naturally, when he met the princess of Winterfell who left him to die, he had some words to say. 

“You left me to die,” the Hound said.
“First, I robbed you,” Arya replied. 
“You’re a cold little bitch aren’t you. Guess that’s why you’re still alive,” the Hound smirks and walks away. 

It’ll be great to see how these two go ahead during the rest of the season. Their relationship is complicated, but it’s Game Of Thrones, so that isn’t new.


Jon Finally Learns The Truth

After Daenerys admits she killed Sam’s father and brother, Sam goes to Jon and tells him the truth about his family. The exchange went as you would expect. Full of confusion and frustration. Jon is stunned by the fact that he is the true heir to the throne, he feels betrayed knowing that his father, who he considers the most honourable man ever, lied to him, but his eyes had a spark of hope and a hint of confidence in them. Do we finally get to see Jon sit on the Iron Throne this season? Only time will tell.